For our second TS! event in Fall 2018, we surveyed teachers from 47 rural school districts to inquire about their rural teaching experience and how we might encourage new teachers to pursue careers in rural districts.

Seven teachers from five rural school districts came to campus to engage in discussions with pre-service students, graduate students, and rural school advocates.

Teachers were uniformly thrilled to share their successes and challenges as educators in rural schools.

They noted the advantages of encouraging and expanding professional learning communities around the state of Wisconsin.

Teacher Speakout! 2018 table of participants

Rural school advocates

Mia Chimel, Associate Director of School Improvement for CESA 9

Pam Jenson, Transition Coordinator at CESA 2

Kim Kaukl, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Schools Alliance

Gary Funk, Director of the Rural Schools Collaborative

Craig Albers, Co-director of RERIC

Teacher Speakout! in the news

Baraboo teacher works with UW-Madison researchers examining rural education

October 2018 Teacher Speakout! panel

“The collaboration with everyone was amazing! I loved ALL of the discussion.”
- educator from Mineral Point SD

“Knowing there is an interest in rural schools from UW Staff.”
- educator from Richland Center SD