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The mission of the RERIC is to conduct rigorous, sophisticated, interdisciplinary, and partnership-based research to promote positive educational outcomes for students, families, and schools in rural education settings. By developing and adapting methodological strategies and tools germane to research in rural education settings, the Center will enhance the capacity of rural schools to use and benefit from evidence-based educational approaches.

Launched in fall 2018, the Rural Education Research and Implementation Center (RERIC) plans to focus on five major strands.

Five Major Strands

  1. Mental and Behavioral Health
  2. Teacher Preparation, Recruitment, and Retention
  3. STEM Education
  4. Equity and Diversity
  5. Research Preparation and Training

To address RERIC’s five strands, Center activities will include:

  • Research
  • Improved implementation of evidence-based interventions in rural education settings
  • Dissemination to extend the reach of rural education research to a broad range of education researchers, practitioners, and community stakeholders
  • Events to engage stakeholders in rural education research and implementation initiatives